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Aliyu Ahmad Warra - Editor

Journal of Immunology

Editor Name: Aliyu Ahmad Warra

Designation: Senior Researcher

University: Federal University

Country: Nigeria


Aliyu Ahmad Warra Ag. Director Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Federal University, Gusau, Nigeria is a Senior Researcher and Consultant on Entrepreneurial Biotechnology and Skin Care Products Development. He has published many books and papers and serves as reviewer and editorial board member in many National and International reputable Journals. A beneficiary of 1991/92 NNPC/CHEVRON National University Scholarship Award, 1995/96 SHELL Nigeria University (KebbiState Merit) Award. He has received TefFund Researh Grant on Production of skin and hair care products from Indigenous shea nut (Vitellariaparadoxa) fat. 2012/2013. TefFund Publication Award for the publication of the book titled” Cosmetic Potential of oil Extracts from Seeds and Nuts Commonly Found in Nigeria vol, 1”. 2014. TefFund Publication Award for the publication of the book titled “Shea Butter Chemical Composition, Quality Characteristics and its Personal care Applications”. 2017. Both published by Ahmadu Bello University Press Limited, Zaria, Nigeria. In 2012 he published the book titled”The Science and Technology of Soap Production (Utilizing Indigenous Raw Materials)”.Published by Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Abuja, Nigeria. He co-authored Industrial Crops: Bioresources to Biotechnology. Ist Edition, CRC Press. 2020. In Press. His Contributory chapters with M.N.V. Prasad includes; Jatropha CurcasL. Cultivation on Constrained Land: Exploring the Potential for Economic Growth and Environmental Protection. In: M.N.V.Prasad, editor, Bioremediation and Bioeconomy, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2016 pp. 129-147. Artisanal and small-scale gold mine waste in Nigeria – rehabilitationwith energy crops and native flora In: Prasad, Favas, Maiti, editors, BioGeotechnologies for Mine Site Rehabilitation, Elsevier, USA, 2018. Approaches for Genetic Improvement and Transformation of Jatropha curcas and Ricinus communis for Efficient Remediation of Toxic  Metals and Metalloids In: M.N.V.Prasad. editor, Transgenic Plant Technology for Remediation of Toxic Metals and Metalloids,  Elsevier, USA, 2019. A. A. Warra, M.N.V. Prasad (2019).  African perspective of chemicals usage in agriculture and horticulture - their impacton human health and environment. In: M.N.V.Prasad, editor Agrochemicals Detection, Treatment and Remediation. Elsevier, USA, 2010. In press. ISBN: 978-0-08-103018-9

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