Journal of AIDS

ISSN: 2638 - 1958
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Editor Name: Ali Hikmet Mericli

Designation: Professor

University: Near East University

Country: Turkey

Biography: In 1969 he entered Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy and was graduated in 1973.Subsequently he joined the assistant staff of the Pharmacognosy Department of Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy. He got his Ph. Degree in 1978 and in 1984 he won the title of associated proffessor, six years later than that, in 1990, he was given the professor title. Between 1978-1979 (10 months) as a scholar of DAAD, in Pharmacognosy Department of Free University with Prof. Dr. Rudolf Haensel, Berlin, Germany.Between 1987-1988 (1 year) as a scholar of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Organic Chemistry Department of Berlin Technical University With Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Bohlmann, Berlin, Germany. In 1991 (3 months) as a scholar of Spanish Government, in Natural Organic Compounds Research Institute with Dr. Gabriel de la Fuente, Tenerife, Spain. Between 1994-1995 (8 months) and 2004-2005 (3 months) as a scholar of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Pharmacognosy and Analytic Phytochemistry Department of Saarland University with Prof. Dr. Hans Becker, Saarbruecken, Germany. 

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