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Editor Name: Ahmed Aly Eldaba

Designation: Professor

University: Tanta University

Country: Egypt

Biography: A prof. of anesth. surgical ICU&pain management in Tanta univ. in Egypt. He supevised&advised atotal of 25 Msc ,Md &phd theses. He has published more than 30 peer reviewed articles , conference abstracts &book chapters. Pro. Ahmad A. Eldaba obtained his phd from Almonofia medical school in Egypt . He received his experience in tantauniv. Hosp. ,Almonofiauniv. Hospital & almenshawy general hosp. In Egypt. He is expert pediat. Anesth. ,geriatric anesth, anesth.for labaroscope, anesth.forvasc. Surg. ,anesth. For onchology&GIT surg., &anesth.forurology&orthopedic surg. He is expert in ultrasonic guided nerve block&anesth. With induced hypotension.

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