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Editor Name: Abbas Mirzaei

Designation: Doctor

University: Zanjan University of Medical

Country: Iran

Biography: Dr. Abbas Mirzaei was born in Iran. He had passed the residency period in internal medicine in Tabriz University of Medical School during 2012 – 2016 years. His main work is within an academic hospital in Zanjan University of Medical School as a consultant doctor and ICU care worker. In 2018, Dr. Mirzaei write the article, An Analysis on Pyrin E148Q Mutations in Patients with Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis. The results of this article showed MEFV gene mutations has no possible roles in RA development. Most of Dr. Mirzaei spare time is taken up with his families or studying medical journals, articles and books. At present he is passing research to publication course of British medical journal (bmj).

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