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Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis

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About Journal

Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis (MJO) (ISSN: 2641-5267) is a double blinded peer reviewed open access journal published by Madridge Publishers. It is devoted to publish the research advancements in the fields of Oncology and Tumor Studies. Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with tumors and cancer. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. MJO is an Open Access journal that includes high quality scholarly papers.

MJO intends to provide researchers in the field of oncology and cancer studies with the latest developments and advancements. MJO Journal providing unrestricted online access and free web access to the full text of scientific literature, and publish papers to improve practices and potential applications of knowledge and notions in Oncogenesis and its related fields.

MJO publishes full-length papers, reviews, cases, images and short communications exploring the molecular basis of cancer and related phenomena. It seeks to promote diverse and integrated areas of Oncology, Cell Biology, Tumor Biology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics, DNA Damage and Repair, Cell Cycle, Metastasis, Genetic and Molecular Profiling of Cancer.



 Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy

 Stem Cell Research & Therapy

 Surgical Oncology

 Medical Oncology

 Cancer Etiology and Epidemiology

 Cancer Prevention methods


 Early Detection and Diagnosis

 Therapeutics of the drugs


 Cellular transformation and immortalization

 Virus-induced oncogenesis

 Cancer metabolism

 Cell cycle and growth regulation

 Cellular oncogenes

 DNA damage and repair

 Mode of action of cancer therapeutics

 Molecular oncology

 Novel targeted therapies


 Tumour suppression

 Oncology diagnostic tools

Recent Publications

Evaluation of miRNA-135a and miRNA-9 as Prognostic Markers in Breast Cancer Patients - Research Article
Author(s): Ghada Hussein, Mohammed Faisal, Marwa Kamal, Hamda Fathy, Gamil K Mohamed, Asmaa M Mohamed, Naglaa KamalMadkour, Moustafa Al-Daly and Mohamed M Gamea
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Step forward in Cancer Management - Review Article
Author(s): Maria Rosaria Carratù, Maria Assunta Potenza, Carmela Nacci, Domenico De Rasmo and Anna Signorile
Special Issue will be updated soon