Madridge Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

ISSN: 2638-1591

2nd International Conference on Pharma & Nutrition, Health and Aging
August 1-2, 2019 Valencia, Spain

Substance Abuse & Addiction among Youths

Peterchris Okpala

California State University, USA

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1591.a3.006

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Public Health is such a vital aspect in the society since it touches on the well-being of individuals and the society at large. Public Health entails the prevention of diseases, prolonging life as well as enhancing human health. This is made possible through structured efforts as well as better choices of individuals, institutions, communities and society at large. This piece of work will give a critical discussion of substance abuse and addiction among the youths, as a public health topic.

Research: Comprehensive research on peer-reviewed sources and articles will be carried out to come up with informed conclusions on the topic of discussion. Some of the areas that will be covered in the paper include the risk factors for substance abuse, the most commonly used drugs among the youths, the signs of teen substance abuse and prevention and treatment methods that could be implemented to deal with the problem. In addition, the reasons behind drug abuse among the youths and the negative physical, mental and social consequences and side effects of substance abuse will be discussed. Ways of seeking help for the teens involved as well as the rehabilitation programs available to aid in recovery for the addicts will also be examined in detail.

Results: The risk factors of substance abuse include early aggressive behavior, peer drug abuse and little parental supervision among others. The most commonly used drugs among the youths include marijuana, cocaine, opioids, ecstasy and inhalants. Some of the common signs of teen substance abuse include oversleeping, low self-esteem, declining academic performance, intense mood swings and traumatic personal experiences and withdrawing from family and friends. The reasons behind drug abuse among the youths include peer pressure, stress and to explore out of curiosity among others (Dickerson, Brown, Johnson, Schweigman & DʼAmico, 2016). Some of the consequences and side effects of substance abuse are headaches, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia and hallucinations among others.

Conclusion: Substance abuse is a major Public Health problem all over the globe. Also, the prevalence of substance abuse among young individuals is alarming and hence the need to look into the problem to come up with preventive and control mechanisms on the same. The issue of substance abuse and addiction does not only affect the individuals who use the substances but also their families and the wider society.

Dr. Peterchris Okpala holds doctorate degree in Health Sciences with Concentration in Global Health at the A.T. Still University in August of 2010. The program prepared him well in the development of training programs as well as career and health oriented workshop and seminars. His doctorate research paper has been published in the Journal of Applied Medical Sciences. He has published other medical research papers/articles in the Journal of Applied Medical Sciences and International Journal of Health Research and Innovation. Moreover, his previous learning in his Mastersʼ degrees in Health Care Administration with concentration in leadership and Public Health with concentration in Environmental Health helped him gain an outstanding evaluation in various organizational and leadership trainings he facilitated and co-developed for undergraduate students and interns. Dr. Peterchris Okpala is a Professor of Health Sciences at California State University and a Founder & Chancellor of Charisma University.