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2nd International Nursing Conference
November 1-3, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Assessment of Nursing Care in Hospitals by Level of Care Dependency of Patients: An Example from Turkey

Esra Özbudak and Ayşegül Oksay Şahin

Karabük University, Turkey.

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1605.a2.002

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The quality of nursing care is influenced by many factors, such as the nurse or the patient. It is thought that the level of care dependence of the patients may also be effective in evaluating the care services offered because they can change their needs and expectations.

The study was carried out as a descriptive study to evaluate the level of care dependency and nursing care services of the patients in hospitals located in a province center in Turkey.The sample consisted of 381 patients in a university and a public hospital. Data collection were used “Care Dependency Scale” and “Nursing Care Assessment Inventory”.The data were collected through face-to-face interviews with patients who received informed consent following ethics committee and institutional permission. Mann Whitney U, Kurskall Wallis, Spearmanʼs Correlation Coefficient were used in the evaluation of the data.

55,64% of the respondents were female, 54,07% were over 60 years of age, 56,69% were primary school graduates, 69,03% were colleagues and 94,3% were staying with patients all day revealed. According to the average of maintenance dependency scale score,found to be highly dependent on university hospital(66,73±17,23), fully dependent in state hospital(75,74±11,02).On the provincial basis, the average nursing care assessment score was found to be 218,77 ± 28,32 with good care at advanced level. But the total score of the nursing care assessment of patients in the state hospital is significantly lower than that in the university hospital (z:-3,576, p=0,001).

Patients described nursing care as good care at an advanced level in both provinces.No significant relationship was found between the level of care dependence and the assessment point evaluation of nursing care in the study.

Authorʼs Note: This study is under the supervision Yrd. Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül OKSAY ŞAHİN is derived from a master thesis study conducted by Esra ÖZBUDAK in the Department of Nursing Science at the Institute of Health Sciences of Karabük University.

This study was supported by Karabük University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit. Project Number: KBÜBAP-17-YL-197

Keywords: Nursing, Care Dependency, Evaluation of Nursing Care

Esra Özbudak. In 1991, the world came to Çorum.She studied at various schools throughout her years of education. Hitit University Nursing Department finished in 2013 as the first.
She worked as a nurse for two years. Later, she started to work as an Instructor at Gaziosmanpaşa University. Sheʼs still on duty. She is also a graduate student at Karabük University Health Sciences Institute Nursing Science Department.