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ISSN: 2638-1605

2nd International Nursing Conference
November 1-3, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Evaluation of Hematoma and Ecchymosis differences and Pain in the Abdomen and Arm Region Insubkutan Injection Applications

Yadigar Ordu and Ayşegül Oksay Şahin

Karabuk University, Turkey

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1605.a2.004

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This research was conducted in order to evaluate the pain in the abdomen and arm region and hematoma and discoloration differences in patients to whom applied heparin.

This study was carried out on Chest Diseases clinic. The number of samples was determined as 60 people at a confidence interval of 92% with random tables. The data was collected by “Patient Identification Form”, “Visual Pain Scale”, “Patient Monitoring and Pain Assessment Form”. In the evaluation of the data numbers, percentages, and averages were calculated for descriptive analyses. In comparative analyses, Chi-square, Kruskal Wallis, Friedman, and Mann Whitney tests were used. The results were evaluated at the 0.05 significance level.

Subjects were divided into equal groups according to gender and body weight.Of those who were surveyed; their average age is 70.3, 66.7% of them were married, 60% of them were primary school graduates, 55% of them in the first 4 days of heparin usage, it was found that from previous applications 76.7% of them had local complications in the right and left arm. In the first 48 hours and first 72 hours hematoma development in arm region was found to be % 87,82 and colour change was found to be %51,67, hematoma development in the abdominal region was found to be %33,35 and colour change was found to be %15,8.

Hematoma development in normal weight according to body mass index in first 48 hours right arm (Chi-square=11,882;p=0,001) and left arm (Chi-square=8,523;p=0,004) It was found a significant difference in all regions in the first 72 hours (p=0,000). A significant correlation was found between the pain levels in all regions after the first and second injections (F=193,058;p=0,000). No pain was observed in both areas before injection.

In the study it was found that complications were encountered more frequently in the arm region than in the abdominal region and according to the body mass index it showed a significant difference.As a result, it was concluded that the abdominal region should be preferred in the first place.

Keywords: Pain, Hematoma, Colour Change, Subkutan Heparin Application

Yadigar ORDU was born in Giresun in 1991 and she completed her primary and secondary education in the same city. After graduating from Giresun High School, she entered ÇankırıKaratekin University School of Health Nursing Department in 2009. After graduating with a “honour” degree in 2013, he started to work as a nurse at Çankırı State Hospital Surgical Service. Currently; she continues her graduate program study at Karabük University Institute of Health Sciences, Nursing Science Department from the year 2015.