Madridge Journal of Nursing

ISSN: 2638-1605

International Nursing Conference
December 5-7, 2016 | Dubai, UAE

Quality of life when facing a life challenge: Using parseʼs research method

Mary Hossley

The University of Southern Mississippi, USA

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1605.a1.004

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There is an inadequate understanding of what the experience of quality of life is like for persons living life challenges. The purpose of this study, guided by Parseʼs theory, was to investigate the universal health experience of quality of life. Four middle-age African-American women diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type II within the past five years and who were either insulin-dependent or taking oral hypoglycemics accepted the invitation to participate in the study. Access to participants was gained through a local acquaintance network in a semi-urban community in a southern state. The study was approved by the IRB of two universities. Data consisted of tape recordings and transcripts from dialogical engagements. The process of extraction-synthesis was used to uncover the meaning of the phenomenon. Three core concepts, cherished engagements, burdens, and nurture emerged in each participantʼs story.

There are many implications for further research from the findings of this study. The core concepts lend themselves to further inquiry using Parseʼs method. Further light may be shed on the study of lived experience and quality of life with people who are living challenging life situations including people of a particular culture group or age range. Further research in this area can increase knowledge about universal lived experiences, contributing new understanding of quality of life and lived experiences in the face of a life challenge, and expanding the knowledge base of the nursing discipline in general.

Dr. Mary Hossley is an Instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi in the department of the College of Nursing. She received her Doctor of Divinity from Lift Bible Crusade College and Seminary, Incorporated, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Dr. Hossley received her BSN from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She received her MSN from Alcorn State University, Natchez, Mississippi and her Post-Masters in GNP from the University of Southern Mississippi. She currently attends Walden University where she is completing DNP degree.