Madridge Journal of Nursing

ISSN: 2638-1605

International Nursing Conference
December 5-7, 2016 | Dubai, UAE

The future of nursing education

Nezam Al-Nsair

University of Mount Union, USA

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1605.a1.001

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Nursing education continues to evolve across the world to meet the demands of ever changing health care systems and consumer health needs. Nursing schools across the globe find themselves adapting their curriculum and the way they educate future nurses to face the new challenges and demands in a world of increasing technology and complexity of health care systems.

Nursing schools have the obligation to educate nurses that are competent and provide safe and quality care. Many nursing schools responded to the new challenges of health care with creative ways to improving curriculum design and ways to implement it. In this presentation, the author will provide a review of the development of nursing education over the last 20 years and then focus on factors and demands that shaped the current nursing education development. The presenter will discuss what the future of nursing education trends are and the necessary elements nursing schools have to consider to optimize their effectiveness in graduating nurses who will be ready to meet future challenges with competence and flexibility.

Healthcare agencies and consumers of health are demanding healthcare professionals and nurses to be able to collaborate and communicate in ways they never had to in the past. Nursing schools need to create a learning environment that allows for meaningful collaboration, use of technology, simulation, and wellness care. The presenter will discuss major elements to consider for successful visionary nursing education programs and give examples of the future of advance practice nurses role.

Dr. Al-Nsair is a tenured professor and the founding Chair and Director of the Nursing program at the University of Mount Union. Dr. Al-Nsair was instrumental in the development of new graduate master and doctoral programs in various universities and in obtaining accreditation. He taught in traditional undergraduate and graduate programs, RN-BSN, and online programs. He served as peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that grants accreditation for Universities for institutions. He is experienced leader who served in various leadership positions and experienced practitioner who worked as a nurse in med-surge and critical care units.