International Journal of Material Science and Research

ISSN: 2638-1559


International Conference on Materials Science and Research
November 16-18, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Investigation of H2S Gas Destruction Potential Using Zr Doped Nanoparticles

Naeem Shahzad* and Rai Waqas Azfar

National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

DOI: 10.18689/2638-1559.a1.004

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Due to its toxicity, destruction of H2S gas has been an important topic of researchers. Many studies have been carried for investigating various techniques for the removal of this gas. One of those techniques is catalytic and photocatalytic destruction of H2S gas using various catalysts including TiO2 owing to its significant potential for degradation of various pollutants. This study investigates the destruction potential of Zr doped TiO2 for the abatement of H2S gas. The catalysts were characterized using different techniques like XRD, SEM, XRF. The catalytic experiments were performed using fixed bed catalyst system. The samples were analyzed using GC-MC technique and it was revealed that the Zr doping of TiO2 did not favour positively towards enhancing the H2S destruction potential as found in other studies.

Dr. Naeem Shahzadʼs research focused on the Environmental applications of Nanotechnology for the abatement of air pollution. He completed his PhD focusing on the destruction of H2S gas using TiO2 nanomaterials. Besides, he also validated his experimental results through theoretical modeling using Density Functional Theory (DFT) Studies. He used DFT calculations for studying different adsorption and dissociation mechanism of H2S on the surface of TiO2. He has numerous International publications in reputed journals.