Madridge Journal of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

ISSN: 2639-0434

International Conference on Dentistry
April 3-5, 2017 Dubai, UAE

MIMI-Flapless: Minimally invasive is the future in implant procedures

Armin Nedjat

Champions- Implants GmbH, Germany

DOI: 10.18689/2639-0434.a1.002

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Autologous bone grafting, biomaterials, invasive techniques, lengthy procedures, etc. are often necessary when traditional implants are selected to reach the therapeutic goal. In Europe, beginning in 1995, Armin Nedjat and Ernst Fuchs-Schaller developed an innovative, minimally invasive surgical approach based on ‘Bioactive Container’ which supports the ‘Power of the Nature’ also in narrow and atrophic jaws. The results of a study of 550 patients operated on between 1995 and 2015 reveal the validity, the long-term safety, and the excellent cosmetic outcome obtained with this MIMI-Flapless I - V protocols, which is also applicable when bone grafting has failed or has proven insufficient. Minimally invasive procedures without mucoperiostal flaps are the future in our daily work in the clinics!

Armin Nedjat, German, obtained his DDS (1993) in Frankfurt/ Main, Specialized in Esthetic Dentistry 1997 Certificate of specialization in Implantologie DGZI (1999), Certificate of specialization in Implantologie ICOI as a ‘Diplomate’ (2000) and PhD in Dental Surgeryin several universities worldwide. He has been in private practice of Implantologie and prosthodontics since 1994 with more than 23.000 implants in Flonheim/ Frankfurt. He worked as well in Paris, Boston, San Antonio/ Texas, Palma/ Mallorca. Currently, since 2013, he is the Scientific Chairman and first president of the VIP-ZM (Association of innovative practicing dentists in Germany). His main topic is the MIMI-Flapless procedure in Implantologie: This “Key-whole”-surgery without flaps also in narrow bones won the ‘Best Innovation in Medicine’ in Dubai 2013. He is the founder and CEO of Champions- Implants GmbH, one of the largest implant systems in Germany/Austria.He is anactive member of the DGZI, DGI, BDIZ, DGOI, ICOI, DGL, and DGP. He holds several patents, in particular for materials and instruments for the MIMI-Flapless procedures. Dr. Nedjat lectures internationally and has authored over 250 publications in German, French and English.