Madridge Journal of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

ISSN: 2639-0434

International Conference on Dentistry
April 3-5, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Work flow for implant placement and restoration, utilizing digital dentistry

Adam Filali

Boston University, USA

DOI: 10.18689/2639-0434.a1.005

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Although CAD/CAM systems have been utilized in the practice of dentistry for many years, they are becoming increasingly popular in todayʼs growing digital age.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to utilize the Sirona Cone Beam CT forthe surgical planning of implants in your dental practice.Through asystematic approach, you will learn how to incorporate guided surgery technology into your practice, discussrestoration-driven implant placements, and master digital treatment planning and workflows for the fabrication of surgical guides.

The focus of this lecture is to integrate guided surgery into your practice and to be able to communicate with your team and patients.

Dr. Filali completed his degree in General Dentistry in 1996, followed by three years of intensive training in the study of Prosthodontics, the discipline focusing on full mouth rehabilitation. This field of dentistry pays special attention to the esthetic appearance and clinical reconstruction of the mouth. Dr. Filali received his Prosthodontic specialty training at the highly esteemed and prestigious Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2009. Pursuing his specialized interests, he continued his education by acquiring numerous certifications and credentials in this field.