Madridge Journal of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

ISSN: 2639-0434

International Conference on Dentistry
April 3-5, 2017 Dubai, UAE

Pulpal regeneration in endodontics

Khalid Al-Hezaimi

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

DOI: 10.18689/2639-0434.a1.005

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The demand for predictable treatment modalities in regenerative medicine continues to escalate as researchers seek to gain a better understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in regeneration and as clinicians seek more predictable outcomes and user-friendly techniques. Further development of this powerful protein therapeutics has been achieved by combining them with tissue-specific biomaterials to provide a substrate for new tissue regeneration as well as an ability to attenuate release of the recombinant growth factor. To appreciate the significance of this new class of regenerative therapeutics, it is helpful to understand the basis for their emergence.

At conclusion, participants should be able to:
1-Know the Historical prospective of vital pulp therapy
2-Know the indication and clinical application of growth factors in Endodontics
3-Pre-Clinical and Clinical trial of using the growth factors as pulp capping material

Endodontist-Periodontist, Diplomat of the American Board of Endodontics & Periodontics. Published over 90 papers, most of the work on regeneration of the pup/guided bone regeneration/ and bone regeneration around dental implants.