Madridge Journal of Cancer Study & Research

ISSN: 2640-5180

3rd International Cancer Study & Therapy Conference
May 2-4, 2018 Rome, Italy

Effect of Yoga Counselling on Quality of Life and Psychological Outcomes of Prostate Cancer Patients: A Randomized Control Trial

Dhruv Singh1*, Ram Gopal Sharma and Neha Sharma1,2

1NMP Medical Research Institute, India
2Warwick Research Services, UK

DOI: 10.18689/2640-5180.a3.004

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Background: Cancer is second leading cause of death worldwide. The psychological issues are related to all stages of the disease affecting outcome of treatment and overall quality of life. The study evaluated the effectiveness of yoga counselling among prostate cancer patients on their quality of life and psychological outcomes.

Method: Ninety-two patients with prostate cancer undergoing chemotherapy were enrolled in the study from outpatient setting. Patients were randomised into Yoga Counselling group or Usual care group after baseline assessment. Yoga based psychological counselling delivered individually and in group, given twice a week for 12 weeks. Anxiety, depression and quality of life were assessed by Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale and WHO quality of life-BREF (WHOQOL-BREF) respectively.

Results: At post intervention, yoga counselling showed significant improvement of quality of life as compared to the usual group with a large effect size in physical health (p = 0.001), psychological (p = 0.001), social relationships (p = 0.001), and environment (p = 0.001,) and decrease in the anxiety (p = 0.000) and depression (p = 0.000).

Conclusion: The yoga counselling has been shown to be effective in improving quality of life and decreasing anxiety and depression among prostate patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Dhruv Singh is Yoga therapist and Naturopath at NMP Medical Research Institute, India. During his years of clinical practice, he has been dealing with wide range of medical condition. He has a special interest in treating chronic condition with traditional practices of Yoga and Naturopathy. While working with research team of Warwick Research UK, Dhruv joined the cancer research study as research associate. He is pursuing continuing education program to further his knowledge in treatment of the cancer and continuing to expand his role serving his community of Rajasthan.