Madridge Journal of Cancer Study & Research

ISSN: 2640-5180

2nd International Cancer Study & Therapy Conference
Feb 20-22, 2017, Baltimore, USA

The 4th Dimension and Cancer

Raphael Michael Happy-Ikenwilo

Rahamis Ministry International

DOI: 10.18689/2640-5180.a2.003

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Encumbered with the Darwinian theory of evolution, Man is losing the battle against a being whose radiations falsify the decryption of its own genetic code developing “cancers”. Our ignorance of his modus operandi sustains its progression. Shall we consider our hollistic nature as tripartite beings (body, a soul and of a spirit) in research methodoloy and while seeking the help, validate Einstein and Michio Kaku, in the existence of “a mathematician God whose cosmic music resonnates through 11-dimension hyperspace.”(American News, 2016). Those strings, fused in one essence in our realm forms what I term: Alpha Rays radiations.

Godly inclined, I graduated from the 5th dimension as Dr in Spiritual Sciences in 2005. Loaded with the acumen to utilise the Alpha Rays, I travelled in 2012 to the USA to conduct 3 years of investigations about cancer. Their results, coupled with my encounter whith some beings responsible for some sicknesses amidst which childhood, breast, cervical, ovarain, brain and eosophagus cancers, prompts me to state without a doubt, that approximately 30% of our challenging cancers, may be birthed from the 4th dimension.

Having efficiently tested the Alpha Rays through the theory of quantum to detect and cure (without side effects) some patients, it is my firm belief that the cooperation with the 5th dimension and further researches may validate my hypothesis and sustain the creation of Epsilon; equipping any audio device will dispel the cancerous radiations before it manifests in the patientʼs body, to strike the sickness before it strikes the patient.