International Journal of Microbiology and Current Research

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International Journal of Microbiology and Current Research (IJMR) relates the platform related to the study of Microorganisms which includes cellular, unicellular and multicellular or acellular microorganisms (eukaryotes and prokaryotes). The sub-disciplines of Microbiology include Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Bacteriology.

IJMR is a peer-reviewed, multi disciplinary Open Access Journal that focuses on the research interest and the major prospective which highlights the field of Microbiology.

International Journal of Microbiology and Current Research initiates all the current research and the upcoming or future prospective of research in the field of Microbiology. This journal does not focuses onto a particular area of research interest as Microbiology is a vast field of research which covers all the areas and here, we desire to bring all the eminent and prominent scientist, authors and editors research work into the knowledge of all the audience all over the world

The Journal accepts all the type of articles i.e. Research Article, Review Article, Mini-Review Article, Clinical and Medical Images, Short Communication, Case Report and Opinion Article.

  • Medical Microbiology



    Microbial Ecology

    Microbial Genetics

    Physiology and Metabolism

    Enzymology and Protozoology

    Parasitology and Mycology


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