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Editor Name: Seyyed Hossein Hassanpour

Designation: Researcher

University: Islamic Azad University

Country: Iran

Biography: My first name is Seyyed Hossein and my last name is Hassanpour Mehrian. I'm from the Islamic Republic of Iran. I'm 30 years old. I have a PhD in Nuclear Pharmacy. My research interest is cancer research and cardiovascular diseases. I have more than 20 papers on cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neuroscience and radiopharmaceuticals. I have written a book titled "TDP-43 Gene Review in Patients with SMA”. I have approximately 5 years research experience in the field of Nuclear pharmacy, oncology, heart Sciences and Neuroscience in Laboratory of Young Researchers and Elite Club, Yasooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, Iran. Young researchers and elite club was established in 1998 in line with executing Islamic republic policies and discourses of the supreme Leader about planning for attracting the Elites and avoiding the brain drain, as the first center of identification, attraction, and supporting elite and young researchers of the university in country. After opening, 269 clubs nationwide have provided identification and attracting 55400 students and graduates of different sections from different education centers and Governmental and Islamic Azad Universities (7500 students are from governmental universities) until December 2013, in addition they have published articles in valid journals inside the country and also they have recorded more than 3100 scientific ISC and ISI articles in valid international databases (scoupos, wos,…). (The per capita of articles for the members of talented students is 2.51 articles.)

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