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Mohammed Rachidi - Editor

Journal of Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Editor Name: Mohammed Rachidi

Designation: Director

University: Paris Diderot University

Country: France

Biography: Dr. Mohammed Rachidi received his PhD/ Doctorate Degree in Human and Molecular Genetics (with High Honors) at the prestigious "Pasteur Institute" (Paris, France), in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Genetics headed by the Professor Fran├žois JACOB (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine), where he studied the Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms underlying Brain Morphogenesis, Visual System development, CaMKinases & Biological Clock Function in Drosophila. Dr. Rachidi extended these Molecular Genetics works to Functional Genomics at Pasteur Institute and at Center National of Research Scientific CNRS and played key fundamental roles in different collaborative research projects with prestigious laboratories in Europe, Japan & United States. 

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